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Do we really need supplements?

Do we need to take supplements or can eating a ‘healthy diet’ provide everything we need, as many people claim? In my opinion this can’t be answered without considering the context and this is about what you want from life. If you are OK with normal day-to-day functioning you can probably get enough nutrients from food. But, if you want

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It never works out the way you think, but it always works out in the end

Our contract with Heaven We all have creativity, ideas, dreams and destiny. In some Daoist philosophies, which went on to inform TCM, this is considered as our ‘contract with Heaven’. This is still one of my favourite healthy lifestyle concepts, it inspires me to make everything extra meaningful, and I often describe it as us on earth being employed by

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How to change a bad day to a good one

Having a bad day? We all have them. Everyone’s bad day is different but for me it’s sitting staring at a blank screen, demotivated and feeling as if I have nothing to say, and it gets worse the harder I try (of course this is nothing compared to the bad days I used to have). It’s a feeling of everything

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How to drink alcohol and boost your health at the same time

Having specialised in addiction for so long I’ve had a lot of experience with clients who had an ‘alcohol problem’, and I regularly treat clients who want to give up alcohol because they think it’s bad for them. I’ll start by saying that although I’m obsessed with health and live for it, I also love good wine and I have

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The best TCM herbal formulas for success

When I talk about Chinese herbal formulas, people often say “I don’t need herbs because I eat well’, but they are missing the point of medicinal herbs. Firstly, in Chinese medicine herbs are far superior to food, they are more like concentrated foods and they have specific actions way beyond anything food can deliver. Secondly, ‘nourishing destiny’ is the highest

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A different take on type 2 diabetes: the lifestyle medicine approach

I caught a news story on diabetes recently which was closer to fear-mongering than news as the presenter stated that over half a million Australians could have diabetes without even knowing it, because they are currently symptom free. They went on to say that if these 500,000 people didn’t get help they could end up with amputated limbs, blindness and

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Does the Celery Juice Diet Work?

The celery juice challenge is super popular right now, and I get a lot of queries about its benefits. My response is always to ask ‘why do you feel you need to drink celery juice for a week, or go on any juice fast / detox? People say they do it because they feel toxed-out, unhealthy, stressed out, wound-up and

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Road rage: are you wearing out your gallbladder?

Driving is supposed to be fun. It is movement and we love the feeling of moving.  So much so that when someone blocks our movement we get annoyed. In the heat of the moment this can turn into roadrage and trigger actions that can have serious consequences. Roadrage is entirely natural in a way, because anger is natural. It is

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