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Is the lectin free diet a fad?

No carbs, no gluten, now no lectins… what’s left to eat? The latest item to join carbs and gluten in the sin-bin is lectin, a plant protein found in lentils and beans and other foods. It has been accused of being an ‘anti-nutrient’ and a ‘gut-irritating, inflammatory protein, despite the fact that lentils and beans are a staple in the

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The Weight Loss Lifestyle: Lose Weight With Chi  

New research has shown that two out of three Westerners are now either overweight or obese and the continuing rise in obesity will lead to an additional 500,000 deaths by 2030. Research has also shown that diets don’t work. My own research has shown that lifestyle is the solution. But it has to be a special kind of lifestyle that

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The Natural Cure for Bloating

Bloating is so common now it is unusual to not suffer from it. Recent estimates claim that one in six people experience bloating, and for those with conditions such as constipation or IBS it is three out of four. People in the first group tend to blame intolerance and foods such as bread, pasta or carbs, but this is only

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The Chi Cycle Lifestyle : a 24/7 Happiness System

By the time I was twenty-one, I was ready to suicide. My enthusiasm for psychedelic drugs had led to speed-addiction, alcoholism, anarchy and paranoia. My health was shot and my relationships were screwed. Each day my life felt a bit more meaningless, empty and depressed. I’m grateful for that experience now though, because it launched my lifelong quest for health

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Cure Insomnia Naturally 

After years of suffering from insomnia, I now fall asleep at 9.30pm and, most nights, sleep right through to the morning. It is the most blissful feeling and I’ll never take sleep for granted again. Sleep seemed out of reach for me for years until I discovered that there is a system to it. Anyone can apply this and get

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The anti-ageing lifestyle: how to boost your health as you age

I regularly treat retirees who are unhappy and suffering from anxiety, fear and depression. They believe these conditions, and all their other physical symptoms, are just part of ageing. They’re not! They are primarily lifestyle related and can be significantly improved by doing the following: Take herbal formulas to stop the decline of bodily functions Create a sense of progress

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How to find your purpose

A purposeful life is a happy one but plenty of people have no idea what their purpose is. Lots of people buy success books, write down their goals every day but then continue to live their normal 9-5 life and not much happens. The secret is to build your chi and your intent. Just writing goals down (intent) will often

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Coffee Is Good For You

  Coffee is good for you, if you know how to use it. If you regularly drive around in your car with a coffee or wander into the office clutching a triple-shot long black, or even turn up at a friend’s place with your own coffee already in hand, you probably have a caffeine dependency. It already seems like the

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Detox the Easy Way

Toxins build-up in our bodies from all sorts of sources including junk foods, stimulants, stress, overwork, negative thoughts and pollution. This makes us feel tired, stagnant, bloated, negative, emotionally weak and irritable. Once you start feeling like this it is natural to seek change. New detox diets spring up all the time to cater to this, by offering that feeling

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