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The Best Natural Way To Quit Marijuana

Hundreds of millions of people use marijuana. It is the most popular, but also the most paradoxical drug. Beliefs about marijuana vary from it being harmless to it being a dangerous and addictive gateway drug. Some use it for years without noticing any side-effects, while others become paranoid or even psychotic within a very short time

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How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian

Like many people, I believed that being vegetarian automatically meant being more healthy. Numerous studies have identified weight-loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and increased longevity as some of the benefits of being vegetarian.

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Lifestyle Medicine and Your Organs

Lifestyle medicine is a new concept in Western medicine. It has emerged in response to the epidemic of ‘lifestyle diseases’, such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, that are killing tens of millions of people every year. These deaths are the outcome of unhealthy behaviours including lack of exercise, poor diets, smoking, toxic stress and sleep debt. Lifestyle

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The difference between fate and destiny

Fate and destiny are not the same Fate is the direction our life takes without any effort on our behalf. Fate is defined as the expected result of normal development. Destiny on the other hand is our potential waiting to happen and the ancient Chinese sages made ‘nourishing destiny’ an important branch of medicine. Nourishing destiny ignites what they call

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Medical marijuana and Chinese medicine

Medical marijuana is getting lots of media coverage lately and, as legalization of the drug spreads many people will be self medicating with it. I already treat plenty of people who use marijuana to alleviate their anxiety, insomnia or depression but end up creating additional symptoms. Some point out that Chinese medicine has used marijuana as a healing herb for

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Come again? Ejaculation, affairs and Yin and Yang of sex

COME AGAIN? EJACULATION, AFFAIRS AND YIN AND YANG OF SEX In Western medicine, sex is not considered an integral part of health, in Traditional Chinese Medicine though, sexual practices are considered to have a huge impact on health by affecting levels of ‘Jing’, a substance which determines your basic constitutional strength and vitality. Jing is supposed be carefully managed but

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Yin Yang sex & relationships

Being invited to submit an article on the theme of ‘Loving Now’ my first thought was to write about the heart, as it is in traditional Chinese medicine; the emperor of the organs, the seat of the soul and the transmitter of love. I was going to write about the chi-cycle time of the heart, the magical two hours between

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