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Magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom is the term popularly used to describe the mushrooms that have an hallucinogenic effect when consumed. According to Western research the principal psychoactive component of these mushrooms is psilocybin and the effects include significant visual, auditory and perceptual alterations. In lower doses magic mushrooms can induce hysterical laughter (as marijuana can do) but in higher doses there is a whole host of

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Heroin and holistic recovery

Opium, a powerful analgesic derived from the poppy plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. In 1803 morphine was derived from processed opium, and in 1874 heroin from morphine. There have been continuous waves of addiction to all three substances but, according to some sources, heroin use has recently escalated. There is no universally accepted reason why people use these drugs,

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Ecstasy interpreted using TCM

Ecstasy (MDMA) is an unusual drug. Its chemical structure bears similarities to both the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. Ecstasy is sometimes categorised as an entactogen — which means ‘touching within’ and, like all the other recreational drugs, it was developed for therapeutic use. It is a drug that provides insight and empathy and it was used covertly as a psychotherapeutic drug for

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From harry potter to pot

According to the United Nations (UNODC), in the last twelve months some 200 million people, age 15-64, used illicit drugs. The majority of these, well over 162 million, were probably using cannabis – the most popular drug on the planet. Cannabis use has been steadily increasing (ten percent since the late 1990s) and according to expert opinions is continuing to increase at a rate

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Drugs, death and rebirth

I had a client recently, a manager of a chain of hairdressing salons, who had been a heavy recreational speed user for a number of years. He had gone eight weeks without drugs and was working hard and using positive thinking techniques to get him through. Things had been manageable but then he hit a terrible day. It was a Sunday, his day

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Marijuana: magic or madness

Just like millions of other people, my drug-taking journey began with marijuana. I immediately loved it because it allowed me to experience the magic of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Marijuana changed my life and there is no doubt in my mind that it has been responsible for a major shift in Western consciousness. But marijuana also contributed to the development of severe paranoia and

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Drug recovery and invisible worlds

Natural therapies offer extremely effective solutions for drug recovery and repair, however, an important aspect of this work that is not often addressed is the influence of the ‘invisible worlds’ on both people who have taken recreational drugs and those who are in contact with them. This is particularly relevant for therapists who use energetic or spiritual techniques which can open up their energy

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Drugs: the body-mind perspective

From the body-mind perspective drugs feel good because they create a temporary union of body, mind and spirit. If the process of recovery does not capture this sense of union it can result in a feeling of chronic lack – as if something crucially important is missing in life. This is a major contributor to the cycle of addiction. In TCM quality of

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Healing a drug past

After working in the area of holistic health (specialising in drug-related conditions) for many years now I have realised that, in order for most ex-heavy drug users to feel really good again, the journey that the drugs started needs to continue but via beneficial methods. This is because drug-users crave not the drugs, but the exhilarating, euphoric or blissful states that some drugs can

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