Drug Repair That Works Book

How to Reclaim Your Health, Happiness and Highs

 Drugs can be a tempting refuge for everyone—from school kids and housewives to stressed corporate executives and ex-hippies, all seeking enhanced experiences that everyday life fails to provide. These people use drugs because they make them feel good. The longer they take drugs, the harder it is to imagine life without them.

In his second book in his drug series, Jost continues his own story from Higher and Higher but takes it to another level.

There was still things in his past that he couldn’t bring himself to reveal in Higher and Higher and in this book he confronts his final taboo – his own period of madness and psychosis – and makes sense of the darker aspects of his past. Again, interweaving his own story and new insights into psychosis, with case studies of ice, speed, violence, sex and redemption, Jost proposes a radical new way of interpreting drug experiences and shows how to heal a drug past.

Psychosis, ice, meth, methamphetamine are key themes.

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