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Eat carbs at night and lose weight!

Eat carbs, sleep well, lose weight

Good news for those who love carbs in the evening but avoid them thinking it makes you fat. This belief is built on the assumption that our resting metabolic rate (RMR) slows down during sleep, so any excess energy gets stored as fat. Well, according to the latest research, during deeper sleep the RMR is the same at night as it is in the day. But, here’s the interesting part, if you exercise daily (in the early mornings somewhere between 5 and 7 am) you significantly increase your RMR during sleep, prompting your body to burn more fat as it recovers from exertion. A high-carb dinner can help reduce body fat by sending you to sleep faster because carb consumption increases blood concentrations of tryptophan, the sleep amino acid.

Lose weight while enjoying food

This inspiring research is in line with the chi-cycle lifestyle which allows us to create strong, healthy and slim bodies while still enjoying delicious food and good wine :). And delicious, by the way, means nutritious, not a mound of pasta soaked in butter and cheese. Try some really good quality breads, or rice etc. The aim of following the chi-cycle, is to harmonise with the natural flow, because then the body and the natural laws automatically improve our health and regulate our weight.

In the chi-cycle lifestyle we never wake up for work, we wake up for exercise and for ourselves, then slowly eat and enjoy a nurturing and nutritious breakfast, and are ready for a productive day pursuing our visions and our dreams – we live for purpose. In the evening (Pericardium time 7-9pm ) we gather with our dear ones to celebrate our achievements of the day – we reward ourselves with soul nurturing yummy carbs. We wake up the next morning feeling energised and refreshed, not tired, and keen to hit the gym or the dojo.

The chi-cycle lifestyle makes weight loss easy and every day meaningful and rewarding

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