Higher and Higher Book

From Drugs and Destruction to Health and Happiness


This is Jost’s first book.

Eight years in the making, it tells the gripping story of how he discovered drugs as a teenager, how marijuana and hashish led to the psychedelics, the hippie dream and how that turned into speed addiction, anarchy and alcoholism. Interwoven into Jost’s own story are his client case studies which reveal astonishing new insights into drug addiction and recovery. Higher and Higher has been described as Lao-Tzu meets Hunter S Thompson, and it’s a rip-roaring, page-turner of a book, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll never think about drugs the same way again.

If you’ve ever wondered:

* Why people get ‘the munchies’ or feel paranoid on marijuana?
* Whether marijuana really can lead to harder drugs?
* Why you feel immortal on speed?
* Why acid trips can feel so good or so bad?
* Why total strangers bond on ecstasy?
* Whether drugs can enhance your spirituality?
* Why some anti depressants can make your depression worse?

Then this is the book for you!!

Combining case studies with a candid account of the author’s own journey from drugs to depression, destruction and redemption, this book is, in turn, confronting, thought-provoking, sometimes funny and revelatory. Whether you’ve used drugs or not, this book shares insights into the human need to feel good, and offers everyone a healthy and sustainable path to the ultimate high.

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