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One-on-Ones with Jost

There’s a difference between health and healing. Health is a physical, healing adds the soul journey. You need to understand who you are (your chi & element & constitutional type), then you will know what to do to change and heal. I’ll take you through this process.

one hour phone / video consultation $180. Step up for a holistic overhaul of physical, mental and emotional health. Focus in on your main issue (anxiety, depression, panic disorders, anger issues, work /life balance, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, self-worth, lifestyle disease etc). Identify goals, purpose and even spiritual path (if you want to go there!).

90 minute+ phone / video consultation $250. A deeper more extensive holistic overhaul of physical, mental and emotional health. Focus in on your main issue (anxiety, depression, panic disorders, anger issues, work /life balance, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, self-worth, lifestyle disease etc). Identify goals, purpose and even spiritual path (if you want to go there!).

health assessment + acupuncture $250 Consultation in-person that covers physical, mental and emotional health. Pulse diagnostics to identify your imbalances, deficiencies, organ health, the map to make change, plus 30 minutes of chi-empowerment acupuncture.

The clinic is on the Sunshine Coast. Jost works with national and international clients via phone / video sessions.


My sessions get straight to the underlying cause, the root of the problem not the branches. TCM diagnostics identify what organ weakness is contributing to the psychology (fear, confusion, procrastination or resistance etc) that is manifesting as a physical symptom or holding you back in life.

I’ll look at your nature, your needs and how they are being met, and how to harness and direct your natural  ‘drives’ to a win-win outcome. My therapeutic tool kit includes:

  • Cutting-edge counselling
  • Acupuncture
  • Power combo of Chinese herbal formulas & supplements
  • Super-effective exercise plan for your type
  • Sensational chi moves that you can do at home
  • An instant meditation technique for chilling on demand
  • A customised diet to correct physical weakness
  • Guidance towards purpose and goals
  • Chi-cycle lifestyle tips to give you the winning edge in life


Professional background: Jost has extensive experience in energy healing and Chinese medicine. He is a registered acupuncturist, lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a decade, and is also a motivational speaker and author of many health books published globally. Jost pioneered lifestyle medicine for contemporary life and has successfully treated tens of thousands of clients. If you’re ready for change, you’re in the right place!

Five Element Therapy

Five Element Harmony Strategy. Everyone has a dominant element. This holds a clue to who you are, as physical or emotional symptoms always relate to your bigger soul / purpose picture. Each element has emotions associated with it, but also symptoms. My consultations start off with identifying your element, your challenge, your advantages and your nature and finish with a strategy to turn weakness into strength, harmony and inner peace.

  • Metal: sadness / emotional control
  • Wood: anger / acceptance
  • Earth: procrastination / spontaneity
  • Fire: depression / inspiration
  • Water: fear / confidence

Chinese Herbal Medicine & supplements

I am an expert in orthomolecular therapy. I use herbal formulas and nutritional supplements to help clients strengthen immunity; achieve goals without burning out; lose weight without fad dieting; recover from chronic illnesses, accelerate anti-ageing, sleep more deeply, boost energy and vitality or quit drugs without side effects. Chinese herbal formulas are the core of this. I work with half a dozen essential pre-prepared formulas in powder form – the best ones for contemporary imbalances and symptoms, and a ‘best of the west’ selection of supplements.

Herbal medicine is a powerful therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine. Over the centuries, thousands of plants (and other organic materials) have been documented and classified by flavour, medicinal properties and the organ system / meridian in which they are active. Herbs are not used singly as they are in Western herbalism, but combined into multi-active formulas. The magic is in the mix (always four or eight herbs) and they are multi-active in a good way as they support both brain and body health. Each bottle comes with a measuring scoop and recommended dosage. You can mix the powdered herbs with water (warm water is always ideal), green tea or other liquids.

Well-Being. Well-Being is produced by Modere, who managed to get the rights to the legendary Emperors Formula of ancient China. It is in tablet form. It includes ginseng (a key ingredient in dementia prevention in Asian countries) plus 3 other powerhouse herbs, ashwagandha, astralagus and rehmania, all of which have incredible effects including improved focus, energy boosting and anti-ageing.  Jost sells this product as an affiliate. He has been using it daily for over 20 years and if you are only going to take one supplement, make it this one.

Hoelen & Bamboo. ANXIETY. This is a great plant-based formula for when you feel lethargic and heavy but restless, anxious and nervous at the same time. It calms your mind, makes you feel clear headed, and helps with decision-making. It is also a great formula to treat depression symptoms, especially if you feel stuck and as if you are going crazy (losing the plot). One scoop is 2 grams. 10 minutes after breakfast, 10 minutes after lunch, around 6pm, and one scoop before bed (if you have difficulty in sleeping due to anxiety. As symptoms recede, drop down to 2 scoops, then one.

Happiness Pack. The three key Chinese herbal formulas to make every day better and healthier! The Six Major Herb Combination to build-up and get energy going; Bupleurum and Cyperus to keep stress under control, and Hoelen and Bamboo for calm power.


Bupleurum & Cyperus. STRESS & IRRITABILITY. A plant-based formula created around four hundred years ago, that regulates vital energy (chi), activates blood circulation and relieves pain; mainly for symptoms due to liver chi stagnation.  One heaped scoop 5 mins after breakfast, one scoop after lunch, one scoop around 6pm.

Bupleurum & Peony. SLEEP A plant-based formula used for sleep. It creates a velvety soft pillowy sensation that helps you drift to a deep and peaceful sleep. It also assists with stress, frustration, anger and PMS. Two scoops 10 mins after breakfast, 2 scoops around 6pm, 2 scoops before bed.

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