Jost Sauer's Chi Cycle health system

Health Assessment plus Acupuncture


This session gets straight to the underlying cause, the root of the problem not the branches. TCM diagnostics identify what organ weakness is contributing to the psychology (fear, confusion, procrastination or resistance etc) that is manifesting as a physical symptom or holding you back in life.

I’ll look at your nature, your needs and how they are being met, and how to harness and direct your natural  ‘drives’ to a beneficial outcome, as well as chi-cycle lifestyle tips to give you the winning edge for success. My therapeutic tool kit includes:

  • Cutting-edge counselling
  • Acupuncture
  • Power combo of Chinese herbal formulas & supplements
  • Super-effective exercise plan for your type
  • Sensational chi moves that you can do at home
  • An instant meditation technique for chilling on demand
  • A customised diet to correct physical weakness
  • Guidance towards purpose and goals

Consultation plus 30 minutes chi-empowerment acupuncture. You will feel revitalized, energized, calm and clear.

Location: Sunshine Coast.

Allow 2 hours for this session.


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