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WEBINAR RECORDING Follow Your Heart 1: The emotional story


Follow Your Heart: The emotional story 


Following your heart, is never as easy as its sounds but we still have to do it! In this webinar recording Jost will take you through your internal world, how it affects the world around us; the struggles and how to handle them. And how to follow what you can’t see yet!

Emotional aspects

  • Working hard on your dreams but not getting anywhere
  • Thinking the world is not ready for what you have to offer
  • Thinking no one wants what you have to offer
  • Feeling too exhausted
  • No time to work on your vision

Unfollow your obstacles

  • What are the obstacles and why
  • How to navigate your internal obstacles.
  • How to deal with unfavourable circumstances
  • How to deal with the BS of making it happen
  • The necessary mundane parts and how deal with them (apply chi magic)
  • How to keep going when you can’t see anything
  • How to deal with disappointment – eg constant rejections – and the reason for rejections.
  • How to deal with the anguish of trying to manifest your dreams – and the reason for anguish

And some great TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) insights into what following your heart means and why we should do it.

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