Coaching: Personal growth +


A two-hour unique motivational trip of discovery, insight and answers. Find your authentic self, fearlessly follow your path and feel more real. Includes constitutional typing; whether you are more yin or yang, and how to make this work for you. Clarity on your direction and purpose based on Chinese medicine diagnostics combined with my special chi technique. Building your Five Element Essentials, identifying what Element and organ weakness is holding you back and turning this to strength and power. Chi-cycle alignment and:

  • Chinese herbal formulas & supplements
  • Exercise routine for your type
  • Basic chi moves that you can do at home
  • An instant meditation technique for chilling on demand
  • DIY pressure point practices for each Element Essential
  • A customised diet to correct organ weakness and nourish your destiny
  • Guidance to goals
  • Acupuncture option






Personal Growth+ is next-gen coaching. Jost has been a practicing therapist for nearly 30 years. He has run holistic health centres, groundbreaking rehabs, international lifestyle medicine retreats, and treated thousands of clients, from celebrities to CEOs, for every imaginable symptom and situation. He has refined motivational and therapeutic coaching down to a fine art.

Sessions are available Monday / Tuesday  and Thursday /Friday during business hours. Prepayment is essential and Jost will then contact you to set time and your preferred method (in-person, phone/ skype/ video call). Book it in now because it’s always the right time to make positive change!

*Sessions are non-refundable but are transferrable. 

Jost is based in Buddina, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast