Jost Sauer exercise webinar

WEBINAR RECORDING The Magic of Medicinal Movement


You’ll never look at exercise the same way again! This is Jost’s unique insights into all things exercise. From the Chinese medicine take on exercise as medicine, to the body-mind angle. How to target specific muscle groups to get rid of what is holding you back, or what you no longer such as self-judgement, guilt, shame, low self-worth, frustration, bitterness, cynicism etc. The best exercises, the worst exercises and the most efficient bodyweight program to do at home.

  • The purpose of exercise, how much why and when.
  • How to get motivated and overcome inertia
  • Exercise for pain management
  • Exercise, bone density and enhanced organ function
  • Muscles for emotional and spiritual growth
  • Medicinal exercise for emotional and mental health (anxiety, depression)
  • Ideal muscle-fat ratio for weight loss
  • Supplements and the alternative to steroids



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