Jost Sauer Mental health Webinar

Five Elements of Mental Health Webinar Saturday 9 July


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Mental Health : It’s Elemental

Date: Saturday 9 July
Time 10am – 11.30am AEST
60 minutes plus 30 mins interactive Q&A
Cost: $35
Limited places so book now!

A couple of years of dramatic change has taken a huge toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. Anxiety and depression are rising.

In this interactive Zoom webinar Jost does a deep-dive into mental health from his unique popular Chinese medicine angle. Join in to discover Jost’s 5 Element approach to mental health, tried and tested over 30 years of his clinical work and academic research. You’ll discover how mental health declines and also how to work with yin and yang, the five elements and your organs to make positive change. As usual, there will be plenty of insights and practical tips on creating mental wellbeing, and taking your mental health into peak performance territory!

Prepayment is required as places are limited. Once you purchase Jost will send an email with the Zoom link.

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