Happiness Pack


These are three key Chinese herbal formulas to make every day better! Build chi (Qi) improve chi flow and everything improves. Symptoms dwindle, energy increases as does satisfaction with life.

*The original Happiness pack includes the Major Four Herb Combination, but let us know if you prefer the Six Major instead of Major Four and we will swap them out for you.

They are interchangeable and both work equally well.


Six Major Herb Combination (Yang).  This is a powerful energy builder, it will lift your mood, give you energy and the holding power to finish your job or your project while staying calm. Ideal formula if you have lots on and need to be productive. It also enhances your cognitive power, it lifts ‘brain fog’ and it will give you the strong focus to succeed. This is the formula you need when you feel run down and exhausted. This is also a great formula if you have ‘cold phlegm’. It opens the chest helping to breathe easier. All Chinese herbal formulas are special blends of four or eight herbs and are positively multi-active. Traditionally used for these symptoms: Fatigue, Brain fog, Indigestion / stomach bloating, Fluid retention, Diarrhoea, Cough, Nausea, Anxiety, Dizziness, Distension and stuffiness in the chest or abdomen.*

Hoelen & Bamboo Combination (Yin)

This sweet and cooling formula calms you and improves your mood. It’s ideal to take when you are dealing with events that cause fear and anxiety such as public speaking, job interviews, or when you are experiencing emotional distress. It’s also used for when your body feels lethargic and heavy, when you feel stuck and want to experience progress. In this context it targets depression and anxiety. It promotes deep breathing and supports decision-making. It reduces distension and stuffiness in the chest or abdomen, dispels the feeling of a lump in the throat (associated with emotional distress), reduces strain on the cardiovascular system through the release of excess fluid (hypertension); plus helps relieve stomach upset and vomiting. This formula treats epigastric or abdominal pain, constipation, abdominal hardness, distension and pain, poor appetite, shortness of breath and fatigue. 

Bupleurum & Cyperus Combination (Neutral)

This formula traditionally treats liver chi stagnation. If the liver chi is stagnant you feel unhappy, wound-up, irritable, moody and depressed. But when the liver chi flows freely you feel happy and at peace. This formula treats numerous physical symptoms affiliated with liver chi stagnation such as abdominal distension, discomfort in the chest that is aggravated by emotions, period pain, irregular period, intercostal pain, poor appetite, belching, indigestion, stress ulceration, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, breast distension or pain, loose stools or constipation, restlessness and nervous depression. It alleviates all types of pain.

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* Chai Hu (Rx. Bupleurum) is a great herb for a variety of viral issues as well as stress-induced problems but not recommended for use if you are on interferon therapy.