Heart healing workshop 14 Oct


Saturday 14 October, 10am-1pm $85

Pain needs to be processed and healed so we can move forward. That’s a basic of therapy. Disappointment and feelings of betrayal; the loss of friendships, relationships or family connections; powerlessness, feeling outcast and losing inspiration, passion, purpose or trust, hurts your heart.

For many, the pandemic period added confusion, anxiety, anger, bitterness, cynicism, isolation, shame, loneliness or feeling like you don’t know what people really think, and that pain too gets embedded. On top of that the “I don’t want to do it anymore” vibe is spreading. All of this contributes to the inflammation of the tissues around the heart (the precursor of all heart pathologies).

In this workshop I’ll cover:

  • How emotional and spiritual pain affects the physical function of your heart (Chinese medicine),
  • How to process past pain and repair and restore the joy factor function of your heart
  • How to move forward and work creatively with future challenges
  • A simple heart healing chi-gung that you can do at home

Everyone is welcome to participate to whatever degree they want, to share or just listen.

Places are limited to 8

Location, Mapleton, QLD


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