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Five power-packed coaching sessions with the lifestyle medicine master, Jost Sauer. If you are ready to turn your health talk into action and goals into reality this program is for you.

This is an accelerated program because you’re getting over 40 years of Jost’s professional experience and his deep knowledge of real life fitness and soul purpose. Jost draws on decades of therapeutic experience, expertise in the diagnostics of Chinese medicine, a unique counselling technique and his intuitive powers to identify your organ weakness/patterns and shortcut what would take years of counselling or normal coaching. He takes you straight to the engine room of change.

This is physical, spiritual and emotional coaching in one. Jost connects the dots between who you really are, your lifestyle, your symptoms, and where you are headed and what is holding you back. The sessions covers how to be who you want to be, and get you on track to where you want to go. You’ll discover your nature, your needs and how they are being met,.

  • Clarity on, and guidance towards purpose
  • Customised Chi Cycle lifestyle to back-up goals
  • The diet you need to correct imbalances and support change
  • The most effective exercise for your constitutional type
  • Chinese herbal formulas & supplements
  • Chi moves that you can do at home
  • An instant meditation technique for chilling on demand

Sessions are either in person on the Sunshine Coast or via zoom/skype or you can do a combo, whatever works best for you.  Once you purchase the Coaching Program, Jost will be in touch to set the times and launch your journey. Once a week for the five weeks is ideal, but it can go faster or slower depending on you. The program is non-refundable but it is transferable.

Cost $1600 Value $1725. You save $125!

These coaching sessions can be about your personal self-growth or professional development and practitioner up-skilling in:

  • Energy medicine
  • Lifestyle medicine / lifestyle coaching
  • Chi Cycle health system

*The Coaching program is non-refundable but it is transferable. 

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