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Make Your Immunity Great Webinar 23 July


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Interactive zoom webinar, Saturday 23 July 10am AEST

Strong immunity is needed now more than ever. In this lively interactive webinar, join Jost on a journey looking at what immunity is in Chinese medicine, and how to build immunity with little lifestyle changes 24/7. Jost will be presenting from his unique modern Chinese medicine angle, and there’s plenty of time for questions.

  • What is immunity
  • What to eat for immunity
  • How to sleep for immunity
  • How to exercise for immunity
  • The mindset for immunity
  • What supplements and herbal formulas work for immunity, why and how

Jost will also be discussing symptoms of low immunity, and why we get cold and flu symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste) from a fresh angle.

Prepayment required, once you purchase your place, Jost will send a zoom link invite to the webinar. Webinars are recorded and included in the price and will be sent the Tuesday after the webinar.

Make Immunity Great

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