WEBINAR RECORDING New Ways to Lose Weight


New Ways to Lose Weight

With new predictions that one in two people will be obese by 2030, I’ve been delving deeper into how Chinese medicine treats obesity and weight issues and this webinar shares all my findings.

In Chinese medicine obesity and weight gain is what we call Phlegm Turbidity Syndrome, so instead of focussing on dieting, which everyone now knows doesn’t work,  a good thing to do – on top of the lifestyle changes that change behaviours for you – is to focus on treating phlegm. I’ll be going through how ‘phlegm’ develops and how to treat it. And I’ll get into the core of comfort eating and bingeing. I’m also sharing the Chinese herb formulas that treat Phlegm. And the Chinese medicinal herbs that reduce body weight, plus some insights on leptin and TCM, and the Chinese herbs that decrease leptin resistance, and lots on your Spleen because this is the major organ to work with for weight issues..

  • Chinese medicine on weight loss
  • Chinese medicine explanation of, and treatments for, obesity
  • Leptins and weight loss
  • Comfort eating and binge eating
  • Circadian rhythm /chi-cycle and weight loss
  • Emotional control, purpose and weight loss
  • My energy generating system for weight loss and healthy fat / muscle ratio

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