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Secrets of a Spiritual Life Webinar Recording

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Thi is a deep dive on the spiritual journey, the movement to your true self, and how to activate your internal spiritual support system. It covers how to use your body (organs) to smooth the spiritual road ahead, and more!

  • How to cultivate that light that you are drawn to
  • A new take on forgive vs forget
  • How to ditch the grudges
  • What does a 21st century spiritual life look like
  • Spirituality and carefree living – the connection


Spirituality is the movement towards your true self. It’s a journey as they say, but not a smooth one, which they don’t say! There’s obstacles, and twists and turns ahead. If you know what to expect it’s going to be a smoother ride. Jost will be discussing how spirituality is an all-organ adventure, a body,  mind and spirit trip. Firstly because you’ve packed baggage before you start (whatever pain is the driver for change) and also because organs in Chinese medicine have a spark of the Divine, they’re here to help you out. The spiritual journey calls for liver love, for example, because your liver is the waterloo, where a battle between our spiritual longing and self-sabotage (Po and Hun) takes place. And you need your heart on board for the love of the light; your small intestine for good judgment calls, your gallbladder for the courage to stick with it, and more.  If we can cultivate that light that we are drawn to, we can shape the future.

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