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Spiritual attunement zoom


In this one-hour session Jost identifies blockages in your energy field, shows how to use tapping and specific movements, plus a voice technique to generate free-flow and spiritual wellbeing. Session also includes some postural alignment and a simple chi practice demo.

Attunement creates resonance between your five major organs (your inner world) and the cosmic grid. You’ll learn the five organ toning, the sound of each organ. Humming these sounds induces healing, rejuvenation and deep relaxation by converting the blockages in the meridians into free flowing chi. You’ll feel energised, focussed and inspired (cosmic chi).

For this Zoom, you need to have your camera positioned so that you can sit down and stand up as a main part of the attunement is performed standing upright. And set yourself up somewhere where you are comfortable humming loudly!

One hour $150


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