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The Portal to Purpose.2 Webinar Recording – 2 hours

Cost $35

Knowing our purpose plays a huge role in health and happiness. This 2 hour recording presents a holistic modern Chinese medicine practical ‘find my purpose’ guide. You don’t start with purpose you start with the five elements of finding purpose, this is like the frontend action:

  • Commitment to health – diet, exercise, beneficial contact with people
  • Self-cultivation – your organs, three treasures (Hun)
  • Tranquility and peace – your mind and body (Po)
  • Compassion – desire to help, people, plants, planet
  • Skill development – creativity, hobbies

I also share my ‘way of the whiteboard’ technique for getting clues to purpose, and of course I’ll be talking about purpose and the chi cycle. Your idea / purpose is chi. So following the chi cycle is like having your ‘find my purpose’ program running 24/7 in the backend.

  • 5-7 am Large Intestine: Receive your idea
  • 7-9am Stomach: Ground your idea
  • 9-11am Spleen: Ascend your idea
  • 11-1pm Heart: Spread your idea
  • 1-5pm Small Intestine, Bladder: Hand over your idea
  • 5-7pm Kidneys: Balance your idea
  • 7-9 Pericardium: Love your idea
  • 9-11 San Jiao: Sleep with your idea

As you can see, the chi cycle has no timeslot for: chicken-out on my idea; bury my idea, or resist my idea. It creates the momentum that makes chi move and that makes a door open, and they will open to infinity. If you do your part by aligning with flow of the universal forces, the universe can do its part to make your ideas manifest.

Once you purchase the recording, we will send you the link within 24 hours (it’s manual, not an automated response!)


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