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The Secrets of Sleep2 Webinar Recording – 2 hours

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These days sleep is a skill. Jost delves into everything from where we go when we sleep to the secrets to getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and energised. He has had decades of experience working with clients suffering with insomnia, and disturbed sleep, and has battled insomnia himself. This video uses his unique take on modern Chinese medicine, and all the tricks of the trade learned over decades as a therapist, to unravel the mysteries of sleep, physical and metaphysical.

You’ll discover a new take on dream interpretation, how to use your dreams to improve your health because particular dreams can be your body talking to you. Ideally you want ‘sweet dreams’ or deep dreamless sleep as that means you have a healthy flow of chi, and that your spirit is off taking care of metaphysical business. But stagnant chi and blood causes nightmares. The dreams when you wake up in shock, can indicate a kidney deficiency pattern. Worry dreams are affiliated with your spleen. The ‘sleep dreams’, the ones when you wake up but feel like you are still stuck in your dream and can’t get away from it, are often connected to the liver. Sex dreams can indicate an imbalance in the kidney energy. Flying is associated with the lungs.

  • Where do you go and why do you need to sleep
  • When to sleep, how much sleep do you need
  • How to fall asleep, how to stay asleep
  • Why you can’t sleep, and what to do
  • How to get the benefits of sleep if you can’t sleep, strategies for getting through the day
  • Daydreams – where do you go?
  • The seven types of dreams and what it all means

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