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WEBINAR RECORDING Boost Brain Health and Beat Dementia


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Boost Your Brain and Beat Dementia  $35 (2.25 hours)

Only 5% of Alzheimers is actual disease, 95% is age-related dementia resulting from lifestyle. So lifestyle can reverse it too and this is what this webinar covers. I outline how to clear brain fog, ward-off cognitive decline and sharpen your memory. Discover everything you can do to improve brain health from the practical – avoid the white foods that produce amyloids – to the mystical; discover the connection between your Hun (ethereal soul) and dementia. And info on synaptic plasticity, acupuncture and chi practices – this is pretty wild – plus polyphenols and brain health from the perspective of Chinese medicine. And of course the role of muscle in preventing dementia (muscle growth and brain tissue growth go together), and the best supplements and foods.

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