Webinar - How to Recover and Rise


Date: Saturday 28 May
Time 10am – 11.30am AEST
60 minutes plus 30 mins interactive Q&A
Cost: $35
Limited places so book now!


In a time of big change, of losing friendships, jobs, certainty and hope, we can easily lose ourselves and a sense of purpose and direction. I have developed a system to get back on track, to be centred, calm and certain:

  • Repair the damage – the last two years have taken a huge toll on our organs, emotion and relationships. It’s created fear, awkwardness, distrust and disappointment. We may have become versions of ourselves we might not like so much: judgmental, angry, critical or bitter. I’ll be outlining an organ repair formula that will correct this.
  • Transcend the mundane – there’s the old and the new crossing over now, the old will be trying to drag you back. I’ll be covering strategies to negotiate life in the transition zone.
  • Ascend – There’s only one way to go now and that’s up! We’ve seen how fragile and temporary everything we depended on, actually is. So it’s time to tap into something eternal, the cosmic support system, and roll with the cycles of nature to restore our true, higher selves. When we are cosmically aligned we feel supported, carefree and joyful.

Once you purchase a zoom link will follow prior the the event.


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