Lifestyle medicine for addiction

Jost Sauer is an internationally recognized addiction expert and popular addiction author. His lifestyle-based rehab programs are run by therapists trained in the Jost Sauer system. Jost doesn’t see addiction as a disease, so the program is offered in beautiful places, ‘pop ups’ with no signage, no stigma, and no accumulated depressing institutional energy.

There is no time wasted on guilt, shame or group work. The program breaks addiction cycles by a replacement lifestyle that builds the body, clarifies the mind and reconnects people to purpose. Treatments combine proven natural therapies with non judgemental counselling and psychology. Clients leave detoxed, drug and alcohol free, re-energised, empowered and armed with the insights, skills-sets and techniques to handle cravings, avoid relapse, repair relationships and have a happy and fulfilled life without substances.

Jost developed the system based on decades of work at the frontier of addiction, and his own journey of drug-addiction. His lifestyle medicine system delivers real change. Serious addicts, whose behaviour was classified as pathological, become proactive rather than reactive, and emotionally balanced and calm rather than compulsive and impulsive. But the most amazing thing is that this is all generated and regulated from within.

The Rebels Guide to Recovery by Jost Sauer.pngJost has written numerous addiction books outlining how to use lifestyle medicine to quit drugs for good and then live in a way that eliminates cravings, automatically counters the impulse to relapse and creates altered states. The latest book is The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery.