Lifestyle medicine and supplements

I am passionate about teaching people how to use lifestyle as medicine and nutritional supplementation is a key part of this. I have been researching and using supplements as a therapeutic tool for over 20 years. I have seen astonishing results in prevention, which is the key factor in lifestyle medicine, and in treating everything from addiction to depression and obesity.

Most of us are nutritionally depleted these days due to an unhealthy diet, eating on the run, skipping breakfast or eating at the desk while working or multi-tasking. This creates digestive disorders, bloating, poor nutrient absorption, it contributes to weight gain and sets the scene for the ‘lifestyle diseases’.

Even if we have a healthy diet we still need nutritional supplements because foods have a much lower nutritional value these days. Nutritional supplements are concentrated foods, they are the secret to health and happiness.

The products I recommend are from Modere. Many products in their range are based on Chinese medicine, and that means they are effective. Supplements, in conjunction with my other lifestyle changes outlined in my books and courses, will build up your chi, and create flow and this leads to health and happiness.

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