Acid reflux is the outcome of a valve malfunction (your lower oesophageal sphincter or LOS) and stomach acid flowing upwards rather than downwards. The solution is simple; fix the valve and enable your stomach chi to descend so that stomach acid flows downwards. Lifestyle is what causes the valve malfunction and the reversal of stomach acid. If you are racing around, multi-tasking at breakfast, eating lunch on the run, or even texting while you eat you are ‘up in your head’ and this interrupts the natural downward flow. It creates friction, which develops into heat, heat rises and acid rises with it.

The solution is lifestyle not medication. Have calm nourishing meals. This is at the very core of health. If the acid reflux cause (what and how you eat) is not treated you’ll have impaired nutrient intake, start lacking energy, feel mentally exhausted, emotionally reactive and lose your drive in life. It can lead to compensatory patterns such as overeating the ‘fun not food’ foods, and basically can start a downward health spiral. Acid reflux involves two major health and happiness organs, your stomach and liver. Think of it as warning light on the dash, don’t stick a Band-Aid over it, make some simple lifestyle changes and head towards health and happiness instead. My book Clock On To Health shows how to use mindful eating, stress management and chi practices to promote a smooth flow of liver chi; and what, when and how to eat, to enable stomach chi to descend.

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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