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eHAB for unapologetic drug-users

Those who don’t consider themselves diseased and don’t want be preached to…

Created by one of the industry’s most radical thinkers, eHAB turns the recovery model on its head to help you quit drugs and kickstart a creative journey of healing, self-growth and spiritual satisfaction.

Feeling tired all the time?

Discover how to get more energy just by tweaking your day.

In these 14 short entertaining videos Jost takes you through each two hours of his 24 hour Chi Cycle and reveals the tricks and tips to stay energised all day! Includes downloadble tools. Watch as many times as you want for 12 months.

NEW Course coming soon...

Most people think you build immunity by taking supplements or immune boosters…

In this short course, Jost will introduce you to all sorts of actions that help build immunity all through the day with tips and tricks that make your entire day medicinal and your life more magical!

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