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An ex-addict, dealer and deserter turned therapist, Jost kickstarted the recovery revolution with his practical yet spiritually profound take on quitting drugs and using past experiences of altered states to launch a cosmic quest.

He pioneered lifestyle medicine for recovery and created a holistic recovery program that ran successfully in numerous residential rehabs.

He is now making all his experience and insight into accelerated recovery available in his books, online recovery videos, and one-on-one consultations for those who want to get their life forward rather than back.

Addiction Books

Psychedelic, confessional and informative these myth-busting must-reads are for the next-gen unapologetic drug-users who don’t consider themselves diseased, don’t want to be normal, but do want a meaningful and extraordinary life journey after addiction.

They are for everyone who believes the world could really be magical, that we really could have extraordinary powers and be so much more. These books are your guide to your cosmic self and ultimately that’s what we are all here for.

Higher and Higher is the first in the series, I fess up to everything and use my roller-coaster ride from marijuana paranoia to speed immortality, alcohol, depression and redemption, to share the magic of Chinese medicine.

Drug Repair That Works drags some more stuff out into the light and gets into psychosis, the spiritual realms and more.

The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery came after years of crazy experiences in rehabs (running them that is) and realising that every drug user has a template for a extraordinary life.

Next Steps


Book a zoom consultation with Jost for input on managing symptoms and, for direction on how to achieve your recovery goals.


Buy a Recovery Package Keep motivated to make the physical, emotional and spiritual changes for an addiction free life.

  • 5 x Zoom consults
  • 8 x Webinar recordings 
  • 2 x Ebooks

Plus PDFs recipes and exercises and more. 


If you are seeking professional advice and input from Jost on how to best help someone with addiction issues, please book a 30-minute session.

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