Learn Life Skills!

The life skills shortage creates lifestyle disease and causes 40 million deaths each year. Skill-up here! Take charge of your physical and mental health by supporting your organ health. Little lifestyle changes are the secret. Check out my chi health cycle clock below and you can get started right now. 




What you should be doing

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What you shouldn't be doing

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Make your lifestyle your best medicine

Are you sick of feeling run-down, stressed-out, burned-out, anxious and unwell? Confused about diet, exercise, supplements and how to make healthy change?  Get ready to discover the lifestyle solution; the chi cycle routine. 

This set of guidelines structures your day around the very best times for everything. It is based on an ancient secret of traditional Chinese medicine, the 24-hour cycle of chi.

The chi cycle routine syncs your day with this powerful energy cycle. It restores your body’s natural health rhythms and activates the healing power of your organs. 

  • Reverse lifestyle disease
  • Get more energy
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep deeply
  • Anti-ageing 

You can take charge of your health and transform your life with a few simple tweaks to your day.

Discover the chi-cycle daily routine that reverses chronic conditions and boosts health, immunity and happiness.

Want to get back in charge of your health? Here’s the lifestyle medicine, Western medicine and Chinese medicine take on heaps of common symptoms. And what you can do to feel good again!

Video call or in-person sessions with Jost. Coaching, consults, lifestyle medicine and acupuncture. 

Workplace Wellness

Create happy staff and a healthy business with Jost’s Workplace Wellness system. Give your employees the workday plan that makes their working week health-boosting, productive and rewarding. 

Upcoming Events

Watch Jost’s latest coffee chat webinar on YouTube. 

3 Steps to Heal Yourself. There’s a difference between health and healing yourself. Health is a physical thing, healing adds the soul journey dimension. It’s health of course, but of a higher order. For healing you need more than salads and the gym, you need to understand who you are, then you will know what to do, then you can act. Find your five-element type which is a clue to who you are (everyone has a dominant element) and how to use this as a starting point for your healing journey in this episode – it’s packed with lifestyle medicine tips to heal yourself and change your life.

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Online Programs by Jost

$9.95 USD

Jost’s 14 short videos with cool graphics and fun animations show you how to build your energy every day the natural way. Discover the chi-cycle lifestyle, roll with the rhythm of the day and tap into the cyclical flow of chi to increase your energy, sleep better, work better and feel better! 

About Jost Sauer –
The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost Sauer is an energy worker, acupuncturist, author, educator and creator of the therapeutic chi-cycle lifestyle. Jost has written multiple books on chi and health, run numerous health clinics, and treated tens of thousands of people from celebrities to CEOs to professional athletes. 

Passionate about fitness, he was a competitive skier, body-builder, and ironman, but once he discovered the power of chi his life was transformed.Jost studied martial arts, energy healing, Chinese medicine, meditation, therapeutic exercise, and mega-vitamin therapy. He ran ground-breaking holistic addiction rehabs using chi flow therapy, and all of this formed the chi-cycle lifestyle.

It is an easy-to-follow health system that draws on Jost’s Chinese medicine expertise, and 30 years of research and clinical practice using lifestyle therapeutically. Jost now uses lifestyle as medicine for his clients, and as the basis for workplace wellness strategies. He teaches lifestyle medicine in international retreats and workshops. Jost’s clinical practice is located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

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