Jost Sauer Clinic Mapleton

Jost’s centre is in Mapleton, QLD bordering on the national park. Only 3 minutes from the village centre. 

Centre hours: Monday & Tuesday and Thursday & Friday, and some Saturdays

Appt times: generally 9.30am and 11am (depending on length of sessions).

Payment: Card, cash, or prepay online.

To book text Jost 0416 088 584 and he will confirm a time with you and send address.  Email queries 

After your session explore one of the beautiful world-famous forest walks, Lunch on the Mapleton Tavern’s gourmet local produce, or try Tapas 10 for eclectic food and breathtaking views all the way to the ocean. Check out some of gorgeous accomodation options and really let the stress dissolve away

One-On-One Consults

Jost has created a unique therapeutic approach that blends Chinese medicine, coaching, counselling and chi-activation. You’ll get insight into what is holding you back; momentum and motivation, and practical steps to create change. The session includes: 

  • Chinese medicine diagnostics- identify what underlying pattern, or organ  imbalance is manifesting the physical or emotional issue (fear, anger, brain-fog, depression,  weight-gain etc).
  • Consultation- identifies lifestyle issues, behavioural origins and connection to your purpose.
  • Spiritual health and wellbeing strategies
  • Freeflow acupuncture (optional)

Highly recommended to do a couple of follow-up sessions to embed that change so you can keep moving forward regardless of what comes at you.


Freeflow acupuncture


Jost’s unique freeflow acupuncture was developed over decades of clinical practice and chi work. It creates a healing freeflow experience. Session includes 15 minute diagnostics.

Jost is a master of freeflow states, an expertise born of decades of dedication. His acupuncture rejuvenates, balances energies and emotions, creates deep relaxation and a physical and spiritual reset. 


General times 9:30, 12.00, 3.30pm. Mon & Tues and Thurs & Fri

Phone / Video Consultations


A deep session covering physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Focus in on your main issue (recovery, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, weight-loss, anger, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, self-worth, lifestyle disease etc). Identify goals, purpose and even spiritual path (if you want to go there!). Plus, of course, diet, supplements, exercise, chi practice and how it all goes together with the chi cycle rhythm.


Step up for a holistic overview of your general health. Focus is on the practicals of getting work / life balance, or lining your day up with the Chi Cycle Health rhythm (crack the circadian cycle), or how to tackle lifestyle disease. Work out your diet, supplements, exercise, chi practice and a schedule to get the most out of your day.


If you’ve got specific questions, such as about your diet, supplements, certain symptoms, chi practices, exercise or how to help someone you are concerned about, this is the option for you. This is not a deep-dive therapy session, it’s professional advice from Jost that will give you the straight-up answers and direction you’re looking for.

Jost has 40 years professional therapeutic experience. He is an acupuncturist, he lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a decade, and he pioneered and popularised a DIY lifestyle medicine day plan. Jost has successfully treated thousands of clients with lifestyle coaching and therapy.


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