Coaching & Consultations

Phone / Video Consultations


A deep session covering physical, mental and emotional health. Focus in on your main issue (anxiety, depression, panic disorders, anger, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, self-worth, lifestyle disease etc). Identify goals, purpose and even spiritual path (if you want to go there!).


Step up for a holistic overview of your general health. Focus is on the practicals of getting work / life balance, or lining your day up with the Chi Cycle Health rhythm, or how to tackle lifestyle disease. Work out your diet, supplements, exercise, chi practice and a schedule to get the most out of your day.


If you’ve got specific questions, such as about your diet, supplements, certain symptoms, chi practices, exercise or how to help someone you are concerned about, this is the option for you. This is not a deep-dive therapy session, it’s professional advice from Jost that will give you the straight-up answers you’re looking for.

Group Therapy online


An interactive weekly group therapy session by Zoom. If you want ongoing guidance in all things health, from diet to depression, and enjoy the group dynamic, this is ideal. It’s also a great opportunity to try out therapy with Jost in a relaxed environment. These are free-form sessions so you can contribute, ask questions or listen and learn from the experiences of others. Jost loves group sessions, and he guides the direction and outcomes so that everyone can benefit. New participants can join at any time.

In-Person Consultations

2 Hours | $300

This session covers physical, mental and emotional health. Pulse diagnostics to identify your imbalances, deficiencies, organ health; the map to make change, plus 30 minutes of chi-empowerment acupuncture. Allow two hours for this. And finish with a special empowering acupuncture treatment to feel good about life.

The clinic is on the Sunshine Coast. Jost works with national and international clients via phone / video sessions.

Lifestyle Coaching Program

Turn your health talk into action and goals into reality with five power-packed 90-minute coaching intensives with the lifestyle medicine master, Jost Sauer for $1400.

This is high-level physical, spiritual and emotional ‘lifestyle coaching’ rolled into one. Jost has developed a unique system, based on 30+ years of research and a long track record of transforming lives.

  • Clarity on, and guidance towards purpose
  • Customised Chi Cycle lifestyle to back-up goals
  • The diet you need to correct imbalances and support change
  • The most effective exercise for your constitutional type
  • Chinese herbal formulas & supplements
  • Chi moves that you can do at home
  • An instant meditation technique for chilling on demand

You’ll discover the connection between your lifestyle, your symptoms and your destiny. Find out what holds you back and how to move forward. Learn about your constitutional type, and the diet, exercise, supplements and routine you need to achieve your goals.

Sessions are available in-person on the Sunshine Coast or via zoom / skype. Or a combination of the two. Standard times: 9am and 11am Mon / Tues and Thurs / Fri.

  • Holistic health
  • Men’s wellness
  • Couples coaching
  • Self-love
  • Professional development
  • Recovery coaching

Jost has 30 years professional therapeutic experience. He is an acupuncturist, he lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a decade, and he pioneered and popularised a DIY lifestyle medicine day plan. Jost has successfully treated thousands of clients with lifestyle coaching and therapy.