Jost Sauer chi healing

Phone / Video / Zoom consultations

Do you want to be guided through the new landscape of change? Book a zoom/ video session.

I’ll show you how to own your health, how to feel centred, non-reactive, and in control of emotions.

I’ve been working with chi-healing and vibrational medicine for decades now. As chi is non-local, it doesn’t matter where you are, the healing power will find you. This is future therapy, but powerfully connected to shamanic healing of the past.

I have a medicine kit of guidance, treatments, strategies, herbs and supplements, that will empower you, so you won’t lose yourself in times of transition. And you’ll get clarity on your role in the shaping future. This is a healing essential.

My therapeutic approach is unique. It blends my decades of work in Chinese medicine, chi-power coaching, counselling, chi-activation and chi-gung healing.

You’ll get insight into what is holding you back and momentum, motivation, and practical steps forward. 

I identify the core, the underlying pattern or organ imbalance that is manifesting the physical or emotional issue (fear, anger, brain-fog, depression,  weight-gain etc); and the lifestyle behavioural origins, and connection to your purpose, spiritual health and wellbeing.

If you’ve got specific questions, such as about your diet, supplements, certain symptoms, chi practices, exercise or how to help someone you are concerned about, this is the option for you. This is not a deep-dive therapy session, it’s professional advice from Jost that will give you the straight-up answers and direction you’re looking for.

Customised corporate wellness programs & retreats

Get the tools you need to make each workday health-boosting, productive and more rewarding.  

  • Prevent burnout
  • Reduce sick days
  • Increase productivity
  • Discover creativity
  • Improve focus, clarity and decision-making
  • Manage workplace stress
  • Find work/life balance


Jost Sauer Lifestyle Coaching

Jost is a motivational speaker and trainer and living proof of the power of his system.

Jost’s work draws upon a solid academic foundation; a decade of lecturing, plus 30 years of professional therapeutic experience.

Jost is a published author of books on holistic health systems and is known for popularising ancient secrets of Chinese medicine for contemporary challenges.


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