Amenorrhea is always associated with an overly yang lifestyle that depletes the yin. Yin is the basis for blood and the depletion of yin interferes with menstrual blood production. Blood is a vital substance and if the body can’t afford to lose any more of it, amenorrhea becomes a safety mechanism to prevent burn-out. Amenorrhea is common in female executives who work too hard (over invest in yang) and push themselves to succeed, ignoring or overriding the need for rest; or who have to stay in yang mode to succeed and win (in the case of athletes); a mental state that corrupts the yin. The success ‘yang’ lifestyle, characterised by chronic sleep deprivation, skipping breakfast, rushing lunch or no lunch, nutrient poor diets, excessive amounts of coffee, no time to relax and no time for mindfulness, is also to blame. Following the chi-cycle lifestyle prevents yin and yang imbalances and ensures that healthy blood is produced. There are great Chinese herbal formulas that can help. Book a holistic lifestyle consultation to discover how to succeed and achieve your goals without sacrificing your health. Read Clock On To Health to discover some simple lifestyle changes that will balance yin and yang, build healthy blood and restore a natural rhythm to your day and life.

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