Your lifestyle can create bad breath, regardless of what you eat. Bad breath might seem relatively insignificant but (unless it is from pungent foods you have just eaten) it can be seen as a stage in a progression that, if not addressed, can eventually develop into a lifestyle disease. It is a sign that your lifestyle is interfering with the natural downwards flow of stomach chi, and this can lead to all sorts of more serious symptoms.

Treating the cause of bad breath means making lifestyle changes. Managing stress, workload and emotionality in particular as these are the key elements in rising yang and producing heat in the stomach.  For more info on the lifestyle changes that enable you to manage stress and calm the emotions read my book Clock On To Health. It provides lots of insight into creating a healthy stomach and it introduces simple lifestyle changes that automatically generate the fluids, and control and inhibit sulphur producing bacteria that would otherwise cause bad breath (see more on that below in the TCM section). Book in for my holistic lifestyle consultation for a one-to-one on what you can do to get rid of all your annoying symptoms quickly and easily.

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