Barking cough in adults is often a result of a high-stress lifestyle (especially financial and deadline induced stress); relentless pressure, overwork and the associated time-deprivation diet (fast foods, sugar hits, or raw and cold foods); smoking for stress management, and sleep deprivation. This creates internal imbalances leading to the formation of ‘phlegm’. The pressure and stress generate ‘heat’ in the body which combines with the phlegm to rise upwards (heat rises) leading to irritation which is relieved by coughing / coughing up sputum.

The chi-cycle lifestyle enables you to deal with pressure and stress in a sustainable way, that strengthens rather than weakens your organs. This reduces the need for cigarettes or other non-beneficial stress management behaviours. The lifestyle also improves time efficiency and creates work / life balance so phlegm doesn’t form. Chinese herbal formulas can help. For more information on converting your lifestyle into a stress-reducing health-boosting one, book yourself a holistic lifestyle medicine consultation with me, or read my book Clock On To Health.

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