If you find yourself belching all the time, it’s not bad manners it’s a sign that your liver needs some TLC. Liver directs chi flow around your body to make sure all your organs and processes work properly. Belching is a sign that that flow is being interrupted somewhere. The odd burp or two is normal, but excessive burping is not. Western medicine says aerophasia, or swallowing air, is the most common cause, but you are only swallowing air if you are stressed, talking or multi-tasking while eating. And this is the basis of small things that trigger other things and pave the way to lifestyle diseases (these are an accumulation of symptoms).

Eat slowly and mindfully so nutrients can be absorbed, this will make you slimmer, healthier and happier at the same time. Mindful living including eating mindfully, and breathing mindfully is key not just for belching but for health in general. The chi-cycle lifestyle incorporates all of this. It ensures a smooth flow of chi for health and happiness. For more info on the chi-cycle lifestyle book in for a holistic health consultation with me, or read my book Clock On To Health.

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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