Bloating is so common now, I rarely see a client who doesn’t suffer from it. I’ve noticed that people always blame bread, pasta or carbs, but this is only part of the cause. If you try and treat bloating by cutting out everything that makes you bloat, you can end up with a diet so reduced its not workable. Bloating is a sign that your chi flow is blocked. The sugar and processed carbs can be a trigger, but they are not necessarily the cause. This goes deeper, like to your unconscious level. The feeling of never having enough time, or constant worry over escalating financial stress, or overthinking, block chi flow. Eating a bowl of pasta or a baguette, which require significant movement of chi to digest, will then aggravate the underlying stagnation. Chi stagnation in the upper abdominal area, the hub of chi flow, creates the bloating. The loaf is innocent.

Dieting to create a flat stomach is not the solution. As I point out to clients who tell me that juice diets have ‘fixed’ their bloating, it is only fixed if they can eat a big bowl of pasta or slices of bread again without feeling bloated Because that means the chi factor is working well. Reducing processed carbs is always a good idea but it won’t treat the cause. And it is important to look at this because any form of chi stagnation can be the start of serious pathologies. Make bloating the motivator for some lifestyle changes. Use chi-techniques to handle worry and stress, eat every meal calmly, don’t ever read or text while you eat (it blocks chi flow) and exercise somewhere between 5am to 7am each morning to develop skills in letting go (holding on to worry and stress etc blocks the chi flow). Get my book Clock On To Health for the full lifestyle that takes care of bloating and stress. If you are up for a lifestyle makeover to get every hour of the day working for your health and happiness book in for a holistic lifestyle consultation.

If bloating is related to past drug or alcohol use The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery is the book for you.

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