I’ve treated countless numbers of people with depression and it is never ‘just in your mind’. If anyone says that to you, don’t listen. Depression involves your body, your lifestyle and even your purpose and this is how you treat it. Depression can be a physical response to excessive pressure and stress (doing too many projects at the same time, overthinking and constant decision-making). This creates imbalances that deplete the yin and chi of heart which manifests as depression. In these instances it is a restorative manoeuvre forcing the person to slow down to prevent the body from burning out. Treating this form of depression with medication can lead to a breakdown years later as antidepressants mask symptoms enabling the person to continue the behaviours that deplete yin and chi even further. The lifestyle medicine solution is to nourish yin, build chi, and create balance between work and rest.

Depression can be the result of organ deficiencies caused by a nutrient-deficient diet; a diet with excessive sugar intake; overstimulation from digital devices, or drug and alcohol abuse, all of which hyperstimulate your organs. They then have to work harder and this depletes their resources. This leads to depression. Another trigger I have observed in clients is a lack of purpose or the feeling that life is meaningless. You need a worthwhile goal to get up to every morning, and you need to be pursuing that for your entire life. Your organs are geared up for this. If this is missing, depression can be the outcome.

My own personal battle with suicidal post-drug depression, topped off with the feeling that my life was meaningless, went on for years. The urge to die was so powerful I had to stay away from bridges and tall buildings in case I jumped. I thought it would never change, and it was a life sentence. Chi, Chinese medicine, supplements, nutrients, exercise and pursuing purpose turned everything around for me, and it has worked for countless numbers of my clients. So regardless of the cause, always look to lifestyle as solution.

If it is a burn-out type depression from executive stress and overwork, look at establishing rhythm. Advance then back off. This is essential. If hyper-stimulation is the underlying cause then lots of supplements and Chinese medicinal herbs to repair organ damage are the priority. If you feel purposeless seek out that purpose. We are all here for a reason. I’ve been working with clients on direction and purpose for decades, and everybody has a purpose. If you want more direction on your purpose, this is my area of specialisation, so book in for a holistic lifestyle consultation. For more info on  the anti-depression lifestyle, get my book Clock On To Health. For more about treating drug-related depression or in connection with addiction, get my book The Rebels Guide to Recovery.

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