In TCM your eyes, and eye health, are connected to your liver. If your organ chi declines, vision becomes blurry and floaters form. But, as chi levels increase, your vision and floaters clear. So eye floaters can be viewed as a sign of a deficiency pattern. It’s like a warning light for low chi levels and an indicator that your lifestyle is weakening your organs. This, in turn, interferes with important liver functions.

Contemporary lifestyles use up chi at a high rate, and not much we do puts chi back in. Chronic sleep deprivation, skipping meals, nutrient-poor foods all consume chi. Constantly trying different diets is another contributor to declining chi as it weakens your spleen. But even not following up on your goals depletes chi, and this has an impact on your organ and eye health.

In terms of treatments, I have observed that clients who take Chinese herbal formulas to correct deficiency of liver blood and liver chi stagnation symptoms, have noticed improved clarity of vision and reduction in eye floaters. This is because these herbal formulas not only increase your chi levels, they always target multiple symptoms. We don’t isolate anything in TCM, all your organs are connected. It is not possible for a condition in one organ to not have an effect on all the others. So, make a few lifestyle changes and amp up the chi, and you’ll be seeing clearly in all ways! You can read all about this in my book Clock On To Health or make an appointment for a holistic lifestyle consultation to do a lifestyle health and happiness hack.

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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