Many different factors impair the functioning of your large intestine and contribute to the development of haemorrhoids, and the majority of these are lifestyle. Irregular meal times and foods that cause constipation are obvious ones, but your emotional life has a huge impact on large intestine health. This is the organ directly connected with transforming your life for the better. It needs you to be doing that, to be letting go of the past and making room for the new, to function properly. If you don’t do this it can cause stagnation in the large intestine which can then lead to inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels around and outside the anus. Inability or difficulty in expressing yourself effectively, can disrupt the movement in the large intestine causing inflammation and swelling. Always rushing or working while you are eating, and overwork, can also cause stagnation and subsequent inflammation and swelling.

Once you address these lifestyle factors haemorrhoids will disappear. If you want to change your life, go ahead and do it. Process and express your emotions and thoughts as effectively as possible. Don’t worry about what other people might think (you are the one who will get the haemorrhoids). Don’t skip meals or eat at random times — rhythm and regularity is the key to large intestine health — and avoid eating while on the run. Find out more about keeping your large intestine healthy and happy in my book Clock On To Health. To make the chi-cycle lifestyle work harder for you, book a phone or skype consult with me.

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