This pattern is affiliated with autoimmune disorders (blood, chi and yin deficiencies), harmful or unmanageable stress, and the impact of violent movies and computer games on the mind. Causes include chronic anxiety or worry, prolonged periods of intense concentration; overexertion, drug abuse and excessive stimulation of the senses by realistic violence in movies or computer games. This pattern is affiliated with the pericardium and the stirring of the ‘ministerial fire’, which then rises upwards to harm spleen and stomach, and to disturb the heart.
Palpitations, insomnia (either difficulty falling sleep or waking frequently during the night), dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, propensity to be startled, mental restlessness, uneasiness, fidgetiness, malar flush, low-grade fever or feeling of heat especially in the evening, feeling hot and bothered, night sweating, dry mouth and throat, feeling of heat in palms and feet.

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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