This pattern is a drying of the lungs and is connected to a deficiency of bodily fluids. Lungs and kidneys work together to provide vitality and strength, but also a calm mind and mental health. So lung yin deficiency can develop into lifestyle diseases such as dementia, obesity, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Lung yin deficiency can be caused by smoking, a fast-food diet, skipping breakfast and lunch and eating late at night; a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged hunching, poor breathing habits, watching TV for hours on end, incessant loud talking, or a dry atmosphere from central heating.
Dry skin, blood-tinged sputum, dry cough, low-grade fever in the afternoon, feeling of heat in the afternoon, malar flush (red cheekbones), night sweating, insomnia, heat in palms and soles of the feet; dry mouth and throat, hoarse voice, tickly throat.


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