It’s time to eclipse yourself

Jost Sauer Spiritual awakening eclipse

I had no idea the eclipse was going to be a big spiritual deal. Astrology is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s understood (and explained) that we are naturally cosmically connected, but I don’t follow astrological events closely, I just keep doing my stuff regardless ( I’m following the chi-cycle so I’m automatically connected). But […]

Intermittent fasting and chronic disease

Jost Sauer weight loss program

Intermittent fasting and chronic disease A recent study on the 16:8 intermittent fast (the 8 hour eating window one) found it increased the likelihood of cardiovascular disease by 91%. It got debunked, but not before the results went viral and contributed to the stress and confusion around diets and food in general. We need to […]

How to lose belly fat: add chi

Jost Sauer weight loss program

The theme of the week is belly fat. It came into my mind (I’m usually getting what’s an issue on people’s minds out there), then clients presented with it, and then I heard health reports on it (this always happens to me, it’s like when you get a Mini, you see Mini’s everywhere). Latest stats […]

Mind, body, spirit porridge

Jost Sauer weight loss program

When I talk about porridge as the ultimate breakfast (which I always do) people either say they love it or hate it. The haters say it’s slimy, lumpy or tasteless, and the lovers swear by it for getting hours of energy for the day ahead. I believe porridge making is an art. Everyone can make […]

Protein shakes – good or bad?

Jost Sauer weight loss program

THE GREAT PROTEIN SHAKE DEBATE! I reckon high quality protein powder is a crucial addition to everyone’s diet these days, especially vegans or vegetarians. Lack of protein can cause mental and emotional imbalances and issues. Protein shakes have become a popular way of getting protein but based on my decades of research into Chinese medicine […]

The best intermittent fasting diet

The healthy way to do intermittent fasting The healthy approach to intermittent fasting is to get your day sorted, not your diet. Intermittent fasting is the new health craze. There’s the 16:8 diet (fast for 16 hours and eat within an eight-hour window); the 5:2 diet (cut back on calories two days a week) and […]

Why porridge is the best breakfast: and how to cook the perfect power porridge

I keep coming across blogs about how studies have found that oats can have harmful effects. This is getting ridiculous. You could take any food item in isolation and out of context, and make claims about it being potentially harmful. I’m waiting for the new study claiming that we shouldn’t drink water because it contains […]

How to change a bad day to a good one

Having a bad day? We all have them. Everyone’s bad day is different but for me it’s sitting staring at a blank screen, demotivated and feeling as if I have nothing to say, and it gets worse the harder I try (of course this is nothing compared to the bad days I used to have). […]

The best TCM herbal formulas for success

When I talk about Chinese herbal formulas, people often say “I don’t need herbs because I eat well’, but they are missing the point of medicinal herbs. Firstly, in Chinese medicine herbs are far superior to food, they are more like concentrated foods and they have specific actions way beyond anything food can deliver. Secondly, […]

A different take on type 2 diabetes: the lifestyle medicine approach

I caught a news story on diabetes recently which was closer to fear-mongering than news as the presenter stated that over half a million Australians could have diabetes without even knowing it, because they are currently symptom free. They went on to say that if these 500,000 people didn’t get help they could end up […]

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