The 15 minute bodyweight workout

Therapeutic movement is something you can do at any time to immediately change your emotional state and outlook. My therapeutic exercise routine uses bodyweight, so no equipment necessary, and it works certain muscles to break down blockages in the meridians and acupuncture points to restore neutrality, promote feelings of wellbeing and optimism. Just what we need right now. Do it

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A different take on type 2 diabetes: the lifestyle medicine approach

I caught a news story on diabetes recently which was closer to fear-mongering than news as the presenter stated that over half a million Australians could have diabetes without even knowing it, because they are currently symptom free. They went on to say that if these 500,000 people didn’t get help they could end up with amputated limbs, blindness and

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The anti-ageing lifestyle: how to boost your health as you age

I regularly treat retirees who are unhappy and suffering from anxiety, fear and depression. They believe these conditions, and all their other physical symptoms, are just part of ageing. They’re not! They are primarily lifestyle related and can be significantly improved by doing the following: Take herbal formulas to stop the decline of bodily functions Create a sense of progress

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