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Posted August 13, 2022

How to use the chi cycle to find your purpose

by Jost Sauer

People say it’s the little things that make you happy, hmm I’d say it was the BIG things, the knowledge of who you are and what you are here for. In Chinese medicine (based on thousands of years of Daoist thinking) the idea is to live in a way that keeps your organs happy (nourished and connected to the cosmic chi matrix) so you know who you are and what your purpose is, so you will be happy.

But we are not all born knowing our purpose (or we are but we’ve forgotten it). Living in harmony with the 24 hour chi cycle (the nourish and connect circuit) is great but that’s like a purpose program running 24/7 in the backend. Meanwhile there’s also practical frontend ‘find my purpose’ strategies that I use with clients.

You can look at your biggest problem because if you have a problem, you have a catalyst for purpose! Whether you feel can’t speak up, are angry with the world, or have arthritis or depression, or whatever, it can be used as an opportunity to find purpose. And you can use  a chi practice to let some info download from the chi matrix. Let’s look at the problem scenario first:

What are you angry about? What annoys you is a clue to purpose because it means you have the tools / talent / gift to do something about it, otherwise you wouldn’t be angry. Anger is your liver talking to you. It is in charge of planning and direction, and it wants you to act. Open up your tool-kit and use that anger creatively to provide change and betterment to the world.

What hurts you most? Physical, emotional or spiritual pain is a great driver for change towards purpose. Say, you have lower back pain, start researching, studying, and sharing what you learn. Use it to launch a spectacular new health journey, and take some people along with you.

What are you scared of? I see lots of people dismissing their dreams or immediately resisting following up on ideas because of fear. I say fear shows the way forward. I was terrified of public speaking my knees would go weak at the thought. I’d envisage myself collapsing on stage and being carted away on a stretcher through the audience, or blanking-out halfway through a sentence (that’s an issue after doing lots of drugs) and embarrassing myself. My first thought was always ‘just say no’.

But doing what scares you builds your kidney power and then you gain ‘bold momentum’. You start seeking out what evokes that fear, because you feel the powerful connection between overcoming fear and fulfilling purpose / destiny. Public speaking is one of my favourite things now (along with porridge, chi practices and my Mini).

If you give in to fear, it’s because you are listening to your body, not your spirit because your spirit is fearless. These times call for boldness and to listen to spirit. Be open to everything because then the purpose clues will come to you.

Another strategy is my ‘way of the whiteboard’. Get a whiteboard, or a big sheet of paper on the wall and divide it into 3 vertically. Do a chi-gung posture, ideally ‘hugging the tree’, and focus on breathing for a few minutes, then stop and immediately write in the left column whatever ideas came to you. In the next column jot down steps you need to do to make that happen, the third column is to tick off the steps and chart your progress. You could also try yoga, tai chi or meditation before writing, as all chi free-flow activities make space for information to come to you. And that brings me to the chi cycle, a chi alignment system. 

Your idea / purpose is chi. So following the chi cycle is like having your ‘find my purpose’ program running 24/7 in the backend. If you do your part by aligning with flow of the universal forces, the universe can do its part to make your ideas manifest. Here’s an overview of a 24 hour purpose cycle; or how pairing your actions with times that chi is in certain organs grows purpose outcomes:

5-7 am Lung / Large Intestine time: Receive ideas

Your soul has been on an overnight journey home to the astral realms where information is held. If you’ve been asleep at the prime purpose-finding time; 9.30pm to 3.30 am, it’s bringing guidance back for you. Align by getting up and using breath, exercise, and chi work to get rid of junk and non-purpose stuff, which has been processed overnight, and you create space for the new purpose info to download. That sets off a sequence of events that nourishes your destiny:

7-9am Stomach: Ground your idea

If you sit down and have a warm nourishing breakfast it will ground your idea, make it feel real. Eat mindfully and contemplate it.

9-11am Spleen: Lift your idea

If you are being productive (your spleen wants to see you working, working hard) internal processes flow smoothly, the spleen is taking nutrients, physical and metaphysical, up to the heart, including your purpose.

11-1pm Heart: Spread your idea

This is when you feel your purpose, and your heart sends it out, it’s like a transmitter to the outer world. This has influence on the invisible worlds, in terms of what comes to you. Who you meet and how.

1-5pm Small Intestine, Bladder: Hand over your idea.

This is when you stop pushing

5-7pm Kidneys: balance your idea

Do a chi practice, to reconnect to hun / soul.

7-9 Pericardium: Love your idea.

Sit back, have a simple meal, celebrate. Your pericardium is the protector of the heart, it’s job is to make sure that you can enjoy and love your mission on earth. The idea you have to manifest and act on, comes directly from Dao, the Buddha mind, God, and it’s in their interest that you follow through. The pericardium steps in here.

9-11 San Jiao: Sleep with your idea.

Ideally make little lifestyle edits until you can go to bed around 9:30pm. The mysterious invisible organ (it’s really a function), the San Jiao, has a liquid function, it takes you into the sleep, your soul returns to the astral world and the magical process begins again.

The chi cycle leaves no room for: chicken-out on my idea; bury my idea; resist my idea. It creates the momentum that makes chi move and that makes a door open, and they will open to infinity. To discover the chi cycle in full read Chi Health Cycle

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