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Posted November 21, 2022

Say “I create” and succeed

by Jost Sauer

I see more people than ever before struggling with exhaustion – heavy eyes, heavy body, feel like they could sleep standing up and are totally unmotivated. There’s plenty of theories out there on why this is, but toxic or unsettled chi is certainly playing a role.

We are in challenging times. That means that there are big energies on the move including a bunch of freewheeling negative vibes from the last couple of years of fear, anger and frustration. We can’t see this but it impacts on us.

Then there’s the unsettled chi emanating from millions of stressed-out people. The more sensitive you are the more other people’s stress and these circulating energies can affect you. It feels like trying to move through quicksand. It saps energy.

We don’t want to waste any of our earth time or, worse still, waste an incarnation bogged down in this stuff. I’ve been experimenting myself with all sorts of strategies to handle this current environment, and ways to slice through the fog. So apart from building energy with lifestyle, using the chi cycle as a structure is a must-do and add “I create” as a mantra.

I get up early enough so that there’s clear energy around (I like 4.30ish am) for undisturbed access to my inner world. I surrender to the light within, feel it, connect, and get into my medicinal exercise routine. This sets a course for my day where I’m centred, unaffected by random energies and able to stay on track to my purpose (follow my heart). Then I repeat a few times “I create”.

Saying “I create” has a powerful effect, it counters the passivity and lethargy. It is instant empowerment (try saying it yourself now). It resonates deeply because we are here to create. We can make our lives as deep, meaningful and purposeful as we want. The secret is in our hearts.

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Jost Sauer is a healthy lifestyle expert. He is an author, acupuncturist, and has been a therapist since the 80s.

Jost Sauer is also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter turned addiction recovery trailblazer. He pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction, kickstarted a recovery revolution with his groundbreaking new rehab program, and then adapted the program for everyone as the Chi Cycle lifestyle; a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day-plan.

Jost has treated thousands of people including celebrities, CEOs and athletes, using his unique combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chi-activation,  motivational coaching and lifestyle. He offers individual sessions, training programs and retreats. Jost’s passion is to show everyone how to optimise their organ function, synch back in and reconnect to natural rhythms, and make every day medicinal and magical…

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