Posted September 10, 2022

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The Chi Cycle : Portal to Purpose

We all feel the need for meaning, for something real, for something we own and control, for something we can trust, and living for purpose is the way. It sets us free, we slip past those who want to block us because a higher force is driving us, the big picture plan that together we create a harmonious planet (everyone’s purpose is connected to this). But if you want to find your purpose, don’t start with purpose, start with aligning. You need two things: certainty; and to understand that purpose wasn’t meant to be easy! Certainty comes from the body, from your inner organ wisdom, not from your mind. And even though there are plenty of those books and blogs out there that will tell you if it’s meant to be, everything will flow, I call BS on that as purpose usually goes with discomfort and many, many obstacles and challenges. But the reward of persevering is pure free-flowing chi happiness, and that beats an easy ride every time. We all have a purpose, to find the clues, ditch the complacency, forget security (we’ve all seen how fragile that concept is) and focus on aligning to the rhythm of the universe. Your organs are little cogs in the great cosmic clockworks. They connect you to your role in the grand harmonious plan. Organs only understand rhythm and routine, so align by following the chi cycle and as certainty and trust grow, your purpose will come towards you.

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