Posted August 26, 2022

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The Weight Loss Lifestyle

Video 2.15 hours

Here’s Jost’s lifestyle-based approach to a healthy weight, delivered with his signature mix of modern Chinese medicine, and drawing on 40 years experience as a therapist.

Dieting doesn’t work (creates the psychological struggle that causes weight gain) and counting calories usually just makes people eat more. Weight gain is not about calories or even what you eat, but when you eat, how you eat and how you exercise, sleep, work, play and everything in between. This is lifestyle territory. So lifestyle is the solution. But not the goal-setting, gym sessions, food diary and calorie counting, that currently pass as a weight loss lifestyle, that’s a list of chores. Your lifestyle is your life! It needs to celebratory, challenging, creative, rewarding and this is the basis of the chi-cycle lifestyle Jost developed.

How does it affect weight you might wonder? Well your organs are in charge of maintaining a healthy weight, and they run like clockwork. If you get a natural rhythm rolling it automatically takes some of the workload off the organs so their many fat-burning functions instantly improve. But the chi-cycle also supports a cycle of storing and releasing energy (chi) and this is the key to naturally achieving a healthy weight.

Jost covers how to eat in harmony with the rhythm of the day; the weight loss foods (you’ll be surprised!); the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner; fasting while you sleep; the Yin and Yang of weight loss; Chinese herbal formulas for weight loss; exercises that burn fat. And  instead of counting calories, count the minutes spent in the morning on breath, exercise or chi movements because this is where weight loss kicks off.


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