Liver Fire Insulting the Lungs

Anger causes the formation of liver fire, which rises upwards towards the chest generating breathlessness and asthma. The underlying cause for this pattern is long standing liver chi stagnation resulting from emotional and psychological issues. Symptoms: Breathlessness, asthma, fullness and stuffy chest and hypochondrium, cough, yellow or blood-streaked sputum, headache, dizziness, red face, thirst, bitter […]

Liver Invading the Stomach

Lifestyle factors and emotional stress, combined with irregular meals and overwork stagnates liver chi and it invades the stomach. The stomach is the ‘giver of life’, but when disrupted it creates pain and disease. Symptoms: Irritability, distension and pain in epigastrium and hypochondrium, fullness in epigastrium, acid reflux, belching nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic […]

Liver Invading the Spleen

The liver, which is responsible for the smooth flow of chi throughout the body, is very close to the spleen which is the main digestive organ. When liver chi stagnates, due to stress, anger, frustration or inappropriate diet, it invades the spleen and disturbs the digestive process. From a psychological perspective liver invading the spleen […]

Kidney and Heart not Harmonised

The heart and kidneys depend upon each other for support, but they also control each other. The heart descends to the kidneys to provide warmth (kidneys are the fire for all physiological processes) and the kidneys ascend to the heart to prevent it from becoming hyperactive (the heart stores the mind). When kidney yin becomes […]

Damp Cold in the Urinary Bladder

Dampness is heavy, it obstructs the water passages in the lower body and interferes with the urinary bladder function of chi transformation causing urgent and difficult urination and the feeling of heaviness which is typical for dampness. Excessive exposure to exterior dampness and cold contributes to the development. Symptoms: Frequent and urgent urination, difficult urination […]

Urinary Bladder Deficient and Cold

This pattern is affiliated with incontinence and us caused by excessive sexual activity or drug abuse, especially methamphetamines, which both weaken the bladder and fluids leak out resulting in frequent pale urination, but also incontinence. Symptoms: Frequent pale-abundant urination, incontinence, lower back pain, enuresis.

Kidney Yin Deficiency

This pattern is associated with a hyper-stimulated life that puts all the focus on yang and fails to nourish yin. Balancing kidney yin and kidney yang is the key to a long, happy and healthy life. It will nourish kidney yin, and thus produce enough marrow to fill the brain to prevent dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo […]

Kidney Yang Deficiency

Kidney yang deficiency affects many aspects of health including core energy, sexual energy, lower back strength, knee strength, bone strength, hair and reproduction. It is affiliated with CFS chronic fatigue syndrome. Lifestyle plays a crucial part in developing kidney yang deficiency. Kidney yang is referred to as the ‘fire for life’ and a deficiency is […]

Kidneys Failing to Receive Chi

The main aspect of this pattern is that the kidneys are too weak to receive chi from the lungs, and to hold it down. Chi accumulates in the chest causing an excess in the chest and a deficiency in the kidneys. Kidneys control inhalation and lungs control exhalation, so there is difficulty in inhalation. This […]

Kidney Essence Deficiency

This is a pattern affiliated with chronic disease (in TCM chronic diseases can be cured or relieved) and osteoporosis. The kidneys store your essence (jing), the substance that nourishes, fuels and cools the body, and is also responsible for human growth, reproduction and bones. In health, jing is abundant and is transformed into bone marrow […]

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