Find out the best times to exercise, work, eat, sleep, play, lose weight, build health and nourish your spirit.

Find your health rhythm

Health is the focus of the 2021 new year’s resolutions list. Lose weight is number one (same every year), and get more sleep, eat more healthy foods and exercise, are up there too. But fad dieting, fasting, or doing punishing exercise routines isn’t necessarily healthy and it doesn’t make us feel good. And what doesn’t feel good is unsustainable. Forget

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How to find your purpose every day

New Age books used to predict the ‘great awakening’ and I reckon this could be it, because we all slowed down enough for a gap to appear. If you sense there is more to life than going back to the daily 9-5 grind and the old, overcommitted stressed-out lifestyle, you are part of the awakening. Subconscious information is coming to

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Immunity: the health cycle vs the lockdown loop

In Chinese medicine building immunity is an action. Immunity is not just what you take, it’s also what you say, think and do, and how you live. Immunity is not a stand-alone bodily system, all your organs power your ‘immune system’, so if you focus improving your organ function you naturally get improved immunity. The best way to take care

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The 15 minute bodyweight workout

Therapeutic movement is something you can do at any time to immediately change your emotional state and outlook. My therapeutic exercise routine uses bodyweight, so no equipment necessary, and it works certain muscles to break down blockages in the meridians and acupuncture points to restore neutrality, promote feelings of wellbeing and optimism. Just what we need right now. Do it

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The best intermittent fasting diet

The healthy way to do intermittent fasting The healthy approach to intermittent fasting is to get your day sorted, not your diet. Intermittent fasting is the new health craze. There’s the 16:8 diet (fast for 16 hours and eat within an eight-hour window); the 5:2 diet (cut back on calories two days a week) and all kinds of other versions

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The chi of Internet Porn

In my clinic I am regularly seeing female clients who are sexually dissatisfied because their husbands or partners no longer want sex with them. At the same time, I treat large numbers of male clients who are internet porn users and no longer feel like having sex with their wives or girlfriends. This is an historically unprecedented situation. Back in

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Treat dementia with Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicines are creating new hope for dementia treatment. Clinical trials to treat the symptoms of vascular dementia are underway. A key ingredient is Ginseng: ‘the king of the herbs for cognitive function’. Ginseng also has anti-inflammatory effects, it increases energy, boosts immunity, improves sex drive, and more. A researcher leading one trial stated that current pharmaceutical drug treatments

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How to treat anxiety naturally

Anxiety is becoming a rising problem, but many people confuse it with worry. These are different and in TCM we treat them with different acupuncture points and herbal formulas. Anxiety is associated with your heart, and worry is associated with your spleen. This is the organ responsible for the production of chi, so worry depletes chi. We have less power

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