In Chinese medicine building immunity is an action. Immunity is not just what you take, it’s also what you say, think and do, and how you live. Immunity is not a stand-alone bodily system, all your organs power your ‘immune system’, so if you focus improving your organ function you naturally get improved immunity. The best way to take care of your organs is with a lifestyle that follows the natural 24-hour rhythm of yin and yang (my chi-cycle lifestyle has this sorted).

Health is not the absence of symptoms but the ability to bounce back quickly (get over a flu in 3 days rather than 3 weeks). We can’t expect to never get sick, but we can improve the speed and efficiency of recovery by following the chi-cycle lifestyle. This doses you up on free, top-quality immunity support from the minute you wake up. The first hours of the day are pure therapeutic  gold. 5-7am is detox (large intestine) time and 7-9am (stomach) is defence time.

Start your day with my exercise routine, that uses body weight to break down blockages in meridians and acupuncture points, and it will amp-up your large intestine detox function, and activate the acupuncture points around hips and navel that mobilise chi and blood to get rid of toxins so you can build immunity. Follow this with a calm, slow breakfast somewhere between 7am – 9am and you will be seriously building your internal defences.

I’ve been practising lifestyle medicine professionally for decades now, using a daily routine as a therapeutic tool, and I know that changing the morning was one of the most difficult things for busy people. The lockdown has opened up some space for this. Don’t waste this opportunity. This id a chance to get into the habit of starting each day for health, not for work or anything else. This enhances your immunity but also re-programs you internally for positivity so your whole life will change.

The lockdown is encouraging an unhealthy cycle of sleeping-in, waking to bad news or gossip on devices paired with the anxiety-inducing coffee; snacking instead of meals, randomly working odd hours; feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety and fear, and screen bingeing late at night. All of this weakens your immunity, and saps your motivation. The lifestyle medicine prescription:  swap all the little habits that weaken your immunity and sabotage your health, for new habits that activate your inbuilt ward-off and bounce-back functions.

Getting up early is the most powerful medicine for mind, body and spirit and it’s free. Take charge of your morning, you’ll be in charge of your day and your destiny will follow. Click the link below for the free chi-cycle day planner PDF highlighting the do’s and don’ts of an immunity boosting day. For health, repeat 5 times (Monday – Friday ), ease off on Saturday and then do whatever you like on a Sunday!

Chi-cycle day planner